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‘Leve leve,’ the people on Principe will tell you. ‘Slowly, slowly’. And that’s exactly what most guests at Sundy Praia do, slowing to the rhythms of sea on sand, soaking up the sun from beach or pool.



Lying in perfect isolation some 130 miles off the West African coast, Principe’s forests shelter an abundance of endemic birds and plants, reptiles and amphibians – little wonder the island is sometimes referred to as Africa’s Galapagos.

But this is no desert island: Principe has its people, too, living in the colourful main town, São Antonio, or scattered in pretty fishing villages along the coast. Our goal is to maintain and build harmony between the people and their island, and Sundy Praia is a vital part of that goal, providing a model of sustainable, responsible tourism, with the people of Principe involved at its core.



We believe that the people of Principe hold the key to the sustainable and responsible development of this remarkable island, as well as to the conservation of its precious biodiversity.

Community engagement, therefore, is absolutely vital. At Sunday Praia, nearly 60 percent of our staff come from the island itself, and the remaining 40 percent from São Tomé, while the oils and creams in your room are all produced by locals at the organic farm we have established at Paciencia. Similarly, most of the food at Sundy Praia has been sourced from products grown and harvested on the island, with many of chef Angelo’s herbs picked from an experimental herb garden we’ve cultivated at Paciencia.