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Merging seamlessly with their forest surrounds, our 15 tented villas lie hidden among a scattering of tropical almond and banana trees, each gaz down to the sea. With weathered wood panelling and timber decks, the distinctive tented villas echo the style of the fishermen’s huts that once stood this spot, just back from the beach.

Inside, the decor beguiles with its eye-catching mix of handcrafted local artefacts and designer pieces, achieving perfect balance between comfort and nature. Each tent has spacious indoor and outdoor areas, including private terraces; each of our three-bedroom tented villas has its private pool.



Explore our selection of exclusive offers—you’re sure to find the one for you. Your room is waiting, and there’s so much to look forward to.

Check our suggested itineraries for inspiration, then get in touch and let us create the experience of your dreams.



Principe is blessed with an abundance of natural produce, its forests filled with fruit and nuts, its waters brimming with tuna and Wahoo. Inspired by this natural larder, our international chefs refine the best of the island’s produce and traditions, creating seasonal menus bursting with original flavours and fresh, organic ingredients.



Imagine journeying by boat across a mosaic of warm, cobalt shallows. Imagine stepping from the boat onto a deserted beach, the sand warm between your toes, the breeze stirring in the trees. Imagine this is your wedding, the place you get to say ‘I do’. Imagine.



Lying in perfect isolation some 130 miles off the West African coast, Principe’s forests shelter an abundance of endemic birds and plants, rep and amphibians – little wonder the island is sometimes referred to as Africa’s Galapagos.

But this is no desert island: Principe has its people, too, living in the colourful main town, Santo António, or scattered in pretty fishing village along the coast. Our goal is to maintain and build harmony between the people and their island, and Sundy Praia is a vital part of that goal, providing a model of sustainable, responsible tourism, with the people of Principe involved at its core.



Principe is a magical land that time forgot. Rising from the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa, it has a unique charm and beguiling beauty. Come and explore its forests and coasts, its beaches and bays, and let the warmth of its people renew you.


Para a HBD Príncipe, a maior prioridade é a saúde, segurança e bem-estar dos nossos hóspedes, funcionários e comunidades locais.

Devido ao recente desenvolvimento da pandemia do COVID-19 e considerando o nível de alerta emitido pela Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS), a HBD viu-se forçada a fechar os seus hotéis (BOM BOM, ROÇA SUNDY, SUNDY PRAIA no Príncipe e OMALI em São Tomé) até meio do mês de maio, como forma de impedir a propagação do vírus, estando esta medida dependente da evolução da situação atual.

Perante esta realidade, e a fim de dar resposta a todos os nossos clientes cujas viagens possam ter sido afetadas, atualizámos a nossa política de cancelamento de reservas, com a maior flexibilidade possível.

Com esta ação gostaríamos de tranquilizar os nossos clientes e retribuir a confiança que depositam em nós ao considerarem os nossos hotéis como a sua primeira escolha.

Desde já agradecemos a vossa melhor compreensão.

For HBD Príncipe the highest priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our guests, employees and local communities.

Due to the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic and considering the alert level issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), HBD was forced to close its hotels (BOM BOM, ROÇA SUNDY, SUNDY PRAIA in Príncipe and OMALI in Sāo Tomé) until the middle of May, as a way to prevent the spread of the virus. This measure depends on the evolution of the current scenario.

With the escalation of travel restrictions, and in order to accommodate all of our customers whose travel plans might have been affected, we’ve updated our cancellation policy, being as flexible as possible. We would like to reassure our customers and give back the trust you have placed in us when considering our hotels in the first place.

Thanking you in anticipation for your understanding.